Dinosaur Justice isn’t a real book, but there are a couple of English-language books on Japanese monster movies that I really enjoy. One of them is Monsters Are Attacking Tokyo!: The Incredible World of Japanese Fantasy Films by Stuart Galbraith IV. It was published in the late ’90s and has been my bible for many years. Not only does it have a comprehensive list of classic kaiju eiga films with information on the various English language versions, it also has interviews with some of the cast and crew in these films, which is just priceless. It also has a lot of opinions on the quality of these movies that I don’t entirely agree with, but that’s fine! You can buy a brand new copy from the publisher still, but I imagine it is available at online book retailers as well.

Other books worth checking out are Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters: Defending the Earth with Ultraman and GodzillaApocalypse Then: American and Japanese Atomic Cinema, 1951-1967, and The Kaiju Film: A Critical Study of Cinema’s Biggest Monsters.  

And in dino news, did you know T. Rex couldn’t stick its tongue out?